My name is Larry. I am a graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University.  I am an Ontario Certified Teacher currently working as a Program Team Leader with the Toronto District School Board.  I've written articles for the the Toronto Star on my personal finance strategies and was featured in a Globe and Mail Report on Business article.

My goal is:

  • to teach Canadians, especially young Canadians, how to become a D.I.Y. investor
  • to counter the financial services industry (banks, insurance companies, mutual fund companies, financial advisors) that tries to convince Canadians that D.I.Y. investing is too hard, too risky and too time consuming
  • to help Canadians take control of their financial affairs and develop confidence in their knowledge and ability to D.I.Y



Some of the topics I plan to cover are:

 I want to show you what the professionals recommend.  Professionals like John Bogle, Charlie Ellis, Fred Vettese, Warren Buffett, and William J Bernstein, etc.

The information for this site comes from the expert advice and opinions of the following well respected professionals. You will notice very few bankers and money managers on this list.  Instead, my mentors are actuaries, academics and public commentators;  people who are more interested in sharing best practices, not selling you financial products..

Here is a list of our All Stars:

Fred Vettese:  Chief Actuary, Morneau Shepell

Malcolm Hamilton:  Pensions Expert and Senior Fellow, CD Howe Institute

John Bogle:  Founder, Vanguard Group

Warren Buffett: CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

William Bernstein: efficientfrontier.com

Dan Bortolotti: canadiancouchpotato.com

Best Wishes,