If You Want To Be A Successful D.I.Y. Investor, Be The Opposite Of This Man.

interesting man

Meet the “most interesting man in the world”, according to an advertising agency and beer company. Funny commericals which apparently boosted sales of the beer he was advertising; some of our fellow humans are like little lambs who must follow the herd.

Exciting (fictional) life; always doing something new and interesting. Great way to live your life, lousy way to invest your money.

Saving well is more about “Set It And Forget It” rather than “most interesting”.

There is plenty of research that shows that investors who:

  • trade frequently
  • try to time the market
  • change their investing strategy when things aren’t going their way fast enough
  • lose out big time in the end.

Instead, follow the advice of our experts that you’ll find on this blog. Set aside 6-10% of your earnings each and every year, invest it in low cost Vanguard index funds, and go on living your exciting and dangerous life.


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