The Brains Behind Dilbert on Stock Picking

scott adams

Scott Adams is the brains behind Dilbert. He also maintains a very successful blog where he comments on politics, business and persuasion. He sometimes writes some pretty crazy stuff. This however, is not crazy, just common sense (I’m referring to the part about stock picking, not Donald Trump).

“Your Psychic Abilities

If you are sure you know how a Trump presidency would play out, ask yourself how often you have been right about this sort of thing in the past. Humans are notoriously terrible at predicting the future. Consider the fact that almost no human can pick stocks that will outperform the index no matter how much information is available. That should give you some humility.

Some of you are not aware that financial advice is mostly a scam. Experts can’t pick winning stocks any better than a monkey with a dart board. I learned that fact when I got my B.A. in economics. I learned it a second time when I got my MBA at the Haas School of Business at Berkeley. And I learned it a third time when I ignored everything I learned in school and tried to pick stocks.

But now I’m fairly sure I can’t pick stocks.

If you can pick winning stocks year after year, then you might have some unusual ability to see the future. If I ever meet you, I will take seriously your predictions about a Trump presidency. And I also want some stock tips.”

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